Florio Factory of tuna and Ant island

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Not just a museum, but a unique experience to better understand the roots of this island full of charm.
Considered one of the most significant examples of industrial architecture in the country, the site is a perfect synthesis between education and entertainment which tells the story of a land and its people.
The former factory is now an emblem of the prosperous past of the trap, the basic starting point for the development of the island.
The establishment was not only the place where they were kept equipment, anchors and boats used for the slaughter: became, in time, one of the most flourishing industries of processing and conservation of tuna.
These walls tell the story of the Florio family and its intertwined with the life of the islanders who, thanks to new uses, found social redemption from a life hardship and source of economic subsistence.
Which covers about 32 000 square meters, the museum is now home to major cultural events that highlight the many great features, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the stories of men and women who have shaped the history of the island.
+39 324 5631991 (Ufficio Turistico Comune di Favignana +39 0923.925443)